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Power up your Reels

Reels still sending you in a spin? Insta are helping to make Reels a lot more easier to create with new features being rolling out… Here’s my top 3 top tips to help level up your Reels game.


We have been able to do reels transitions before by using effects, but now you can easily add these between clips. When you have added video to a reel, go to edit and you should see the transitions option, choose the effect you want and it’s created!

⚡️Trending audio

Not such a new feature, but still a good one to keep an eye out for. Using trending audio helps your reel be seen by lots more people, when choosing audio you can see how many reels have been created with that audio to give you an idea of how popular it is.


This was in beta for a while, but I notice yesterday it’s back (which made me do a little happy dance I can’t deny! 😆) These really help simplify reels by adding your own images and video so Instagram then times the visuals to the music.

If you want a little help creating Reels, my Reels Masterclass Workshop is full of great tips, teaching you the basics, guiding you through the process so you can start creating some great video content for your business. Drop me a line here to join the waiting list and find out more.


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