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Instagram Reels Workshop in action

Are you finding yourself getting in a spin with Reels? Struggling to create content and need a little help knowing where to start? Ready to level up your Social Media game?  

I host in person and online workshops to help you navigate your way. The in person workshops are held in small groups so I can give you the best support and help needed.  The online workshops are live and recorded sessions which you will receive and be able to keep handy for future reference. All sessions are fun, enjoyable with lots of tips and tricks for you to

try out.

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The Reels Masterclass is for anyone who is after a little help finding their confidence with Instagram Reels. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn how to get started creating great reels for your business or you want to polish up your reels skills and fine tune some of the latest features... the Reels Masterclass is here for you.

Learning on an Instagram Reels workshop

The Reels masterclass was really informative. Anna covered a lot and gave us plenty of time to ask questions and practice making Reels.

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