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The lowdown on Keywords

So what exactly are they?

⚡️Individual words which define what your content is about

⚡️Words or phrases which people type in to search engines to find content they need

⚡️They are like gold dust! Do Think about using!

And why bother?

⚡️Keywords help your content become found

⚡️Helps algorithm easily learn what your content is about

⚡️Helps your content rank on search engines

How do I find the best ones to use?

⚡️What would your audience search to find your business or content?

⚡️Create a list of topics for your content and pick out keywords for those topics

⚡️Use research tools to help:

Google keywords planner,, Chat GPT, all are free apps and great ways to get started.

Scatter around like gold dust!

In your bio and profile

⚡️In your captions

⚡️About Section

⚡️In your #

⚡️Remember to include captions on video


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