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Quick breakdown on Chat GPT

What exactly is Chat GPT?

It's an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot that scans the internet to provide an answer to a question or statement you type in.

So it's a little like Google?

Kinda, although a lot more advanced. It can create blogs, articles, essays, scripts for TV... the list is endless! It's impressive that's for sure, and when I first gave it a go, I was pretty mind blown at the results. BUT, after a little more experimenting and playing around, I realised the tech is still in early days, and the good news is, I don't see it replacing human jobs (right now!)

What's the downside then?

The language tends to be a little formal. I asked ChatGPT to create a few different Social Media blogs on a variety of subjects and they all followed the same kind of formal style, with the language and structure more essay like than blog or article format. However with a little human intervention, you could start to have something you can use.

So what could it be used for?

It's great for creating content structures

I asked it to create numerous blog structures covering a range of titles and the results were pretty impressive. Again with human tweaks, it provides a great starter point for any blog, newsletter or written content (even a Social Media post!)

Great for content ideas

If you need some content inspiration, you can ask ChatGPT to come up with'10 ideas for a Social Media post'! But again, do remember to not rely on this and make sure you still do your own research and bring this in to your ideas because after all, the Chatbot is just providing answers from scanning the internet and this may not be right for your Social Media content!


⚡️ It's very clever, but still in early days (although already seen advances in it now recognising recent 2023 data)

⚡️It needs human tweaks to the content...and won't write in the style of your unique business brand

⚡️Great research tool

The best way to learn more and find out what it really can do is to simpy get stuck in, have a play and give it a go! The more content you give AI, the better the results.


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