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5 ways to tell your story on Social

It’s National Storytelling week! Stories are so powerful on Social, they help build connections, spark interest & conversations and are great ways to let people get to know your business. Here’s a few tips to tell your story on Social:

⚡️The ’why’

This is a great way to get started, share the story behind your business. Tell people why your business exists, what’s the background story. Everyone loves to be nosey and hear the real voice behind a business or brand.

⚡️Be memorable

This can be done in a number of ways - the language you use, catchphrases, certain actions on reels (you may have guessed my reel thing I always do at the end!). This all helps you to stand out in a scrolling world, so people remember you and come back.

⚡️Be relatable

To help connect, it’s great to use language to help people relate to you and your story. Ask if people have ever done similar, or felt the same about a certain topic.

⚡️Be emotive

Emotive language and expressing emotions like how you feel about a certain topic/part of your business.

⚡️Avoid techy language

Keep it simple to help relate. Whilst you may know industry jargon in your sleep - others may not!


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