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Light Up Your Social with these copywriting tips

I thought I’d share some top tips on what you should try and include when writing your content for Social.

⚡️Keywords & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Keywords are individual words people search for online when they want to locate help, or buy a service or product. Create a list of your business keywords and then scatter in your bio, profile & captions. It will help your account to be seen when people search.


The first line or two in your caption wants to stand out and add a little intrigue so people want to read on to find out more. It can be funny, controversial or honest from the heart sentiment. Maybe start with a question (check the first line of my caption!)


Hashtags are your Social superpower! They help give your content a boost and increase visibility. When you have posted, check your insights to see how many people have been reached through your hashtags.

⚡️Call to Action (CTA)

Adding CTA’s help trigger engagement, spark conversations and direct people to a special offer, your website or blog.


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