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5 top photo tips for your Social

In this fast paced scrolling Social Media world, catching attention in the feed really helps your post stand out. Whilst content is of course important, images and video quality is also just as important. Here's some top photography tips to help you with your images and videos.

⚡️Frame your image using surrounding elements like trees, branches, flowers to help focus the eye on the main subject

⚡️Keep it nice and bright! If you have an image to use that’s a little dull, brighten it up in your phone or using photo apps.

⚡️Portrait feature: one of my favourite tools when taking photos. It autofocuses and zooms in on the main subject, blurring the background. I think it really helps the photo, and recreates the SLR camera effect.

⚡️Movement and transitions really help catch the eye, especially when using within the first few minutes of a reel. There’s a new transition feature too on reels which is being rolled out (I haven’t got it yet!), which makes it even easier to add transitions to your reel

⚡️Finally, experiment and have fun! Play around with all the effects and filters. Follow accounts that inspire, save posts that inspire you and create a folder of all your favourite images ready for when you need them.


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