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5 lessons learnt from Social Media

People use Social Media 144 minutes every day. It’s World Social Media Day, set up 12 years ago when a whole different era of Social Media existed. I thought I’d share my top 5 social media lessons learnt. ⚡️It takes time Time to grow, time to create content and taking time out here and there is no a bad thing. There’s time saving tricks to help but it can be a long game so don’t give up… and shout for help if you feel the overwhelm and need a helping hand. ⚡️Don’t post for the sake of posting It’s all too easy to fall in to the trap of feeling you’ve got to get a post out as it’s been a while. Truth is, you want to create posts that resonate, inspire and educate and for that to really work, you need a strategy or plan of action. ⚡️Always evolving and changing Updates, new features, greater swing towards video… it can feel hard to stay on top of it all but don’t fret, save posts sharing updates and news and remember new features are rolled out steadily and not everyone receives at same time (frustrating I know!) ⚡️Not all posts will fly high Sometimes the algorithm can seem a real beast. There’s lots of reasons why some posts do better than others, but remember even the huge accounts have posts that fall flat… it’s ok. ⚡️It’s all about community 🤍 Finding your community, making connections, friends and virtual colleagues.. we’re all here for each other.


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