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Instagram Reels Masterclass 

Learning Instagram Reels in Just Dandy Social workshop

Are you wanting to start including video content in your Social but not sure how and where to start?


Keen to learn how to create quick and easy reels that will help get your content seen by more people?


Learn all reels has to offer in a small informal group of creative business owners and professionals, I'll guide you through and help you gain a little Reels mojo so you can start creating great content for your Social.  

The Reels Masterclass is for anyone who is after a little help finding their confidence with Instagram Reels.

A few highlights that we'll cover: 

A tour through all the menus and features

Take a look at the different types of Reels and have a go at creating (including Template Reels, these are little nuggets of gold!) 

Introduce audio, trending audio, adding captions and text 

A little sneak peek in to some of the great tools of the trade! 

Price: £75 

BONUS MATERIAL: Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a handy checklist for creating Reels AND  top Reels content ideas for your business to download and keep.

Teaching Instagram Reels

The Reels masterclass was really informative. Anna covered a lot and gave us plenty of time to ask questions and practice making Reels.

Loved the small group session. We were able to ask
lots of questions as we went along. It was great
hands-on learning. 

Instagram Support for Businesses

Not sure if this is right for you?...
check out some FAQ's

I've never made a reel, will this teach me how to get started?

Yes, absolutely. We will start from scratch, guiding you around the features and I'll be there on hand to answer any questions as they arise. 

I've tried reels and have created a few but want to learn some of the latest features, like how to time text to audio and images

That's ok, the Reels Masterclass is still for you. It will teach you all you need to know from beginner to intermediate level so you can create professional reels perfect for your business.   

Definitely not. You can still create great reels without being on camera 
and... no, you don't need to dance around and point at things if you 
don't want to!!

I don't want to be on camera, does that mean the course isn't right for 

Why do I need to create Reels? How will it really help my business?

Reels allow your content to be seen by more people, help build followers and receive more engagement for your account. Video is here to stay and Instagram are really pushing this type of content, releasing new features to make it easier for people to create. 

Instagram and Social Media Support. Elevate your Social Media and online presence

I'm ready to join and sign up... what do I need to do?

Click the 'Let's do this' button below, and I'll keep you
informed of future workshop dates so you don't miss out.

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