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5 easy Social Media content wins

Struggling to find your inner content creating mojo? Sometimes it’s easy to fall in to the trap of feeling you just need to post something to keep up, here are 5 ways to create content easily…

⚡️Repurpose content

This is a lifesaver, and really helps when you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to create. Check insights and turn a reel in to a carousel or vice versa. Maybe you have a blog you can create in to a helpful carousel with top tips.👌

⚡️Create content pillars

The term ‘content pillars’ sounds very formal, but really it is 3-5 topics you rotate through regularly to prompt what content to create next.

⚡️Get snapping and filming

It’s a lovely time of the year right now with spring flowers & lush green fields… perfect photo material. You don’t need to be a pro photographer, experiment with the filters, get close up and zoom in

⚡️Research and ask

Find out what your customer really wants to know or how you can help just by asking. May sound scary, but they will probably appreciate the ask. A great way to do this is create a poll on your stories… research similar businesses and their Social to give you some ideas.

⚡️Add value

Finally, this one is important - always be sure to add value for your audience. The more help and value you give - the more people will come back to you and start to trust and connect. Think: Help, Inform, Educate and Entertain 👌


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